We are your safe choice

Our in-depth ERP knowledge of Business Central and Continia’s strong add-ons combined with Go4TMS and Norma LIVE offer you unique opportunities to continuously optimize your business. We future-proof your day-to-day operations by implementing solutions based on your exact needs, while leveraging the built-in flexibility and functionality that allow them to grow with you over time. And in real-time.

We are our customers’ safe choice

Our deep roots within transport and logistics give us the rare ability to fully understand and identify with our customers and their businesses, so that we can take responsibility for helping them run their operations more efficiently through choosing the right IT solutions – and putting them to their right use.

Through Norma LIVE, Go4TMS, and Business Central, we transform our core competencies and unique experience from the transportation sector into measurable results for our customers.

Our customers choose us because we have the insights from inside the transport and logistics industry. We know their everyday operations – just as we know yours – and we know how to make them easier. Also, we know both their and your daily challenges – just as we know what it takes to solve them.

We offer solutions designed exclusively to:


increase your margins, manage your costs, and continuously drive your business growth


obtain a higher level of proactivity and productivity, to stay ahead of both market and competition


improve your efficiency


take you, your employees, and your overall business + your customers, suppliers and partners to new heights and generate tangible results

We pave the way for substantial and sustainable value

Norma LIVE

Create measurable business value with AI for live route planning and optimization


Adapt your business for tomorrow by addressing your challenges head-on today

Business Central

Leverage future-proof IT solutions and power the highest quality in delivery

D&P Solutions ApS

D&P Solutions ApS

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