Deep roots within transport and logistics

As leading industry specialists, we know your business from the inside, and our aim is to show you what you can do with IT and automation.

Through the combination of IT transportation solutions and artificial intelligence for real-time route planning and optimization, we allow you to streamline, strengthen and scale your business while creating unique opportunities for future growth.

Norma LIVE

Create measurable business value with AI for live route planning and optimization


Adapt your business for tomorrow by addressing your challenges head-on today

Business Central

Leverage future-proof IT solutions and power the highest quality in delivery

Take full command and control of your core business and work processes

Add substantial and sustainable value to your organization in real-time

Strong local anchoring in international network

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Norma LIVE streamlines your transportation and logistics processes, offering you faster and improved visibility and insight. The solution ensures control, financial transparency, and increased efficiency through live and real-time information about the status of your transports and day-to-day operations.

Strengthen your market position
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Competitive edge and customer satisfaction

A TMS system is the heart of every transport and logistics company. D&P Solutions offers you the operational speed, high performance and insights needed to strengthen your customer relations and loyalty, take the driver’s seat, and turn your digital dreams and overall business visions into reality through a top-quality product you can count on.

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Business understanding and impact

We offer you the technologically most updated, and the business-wise most complete and future-proof ERP solutions. Combined with a unique business understanding and artificial intelligence, it’s what
makes us leading within the delivery and optimization of business value, guaranteed to impact the future growth of your business.

Turbocharge your growth
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Support by IT experts and industry specialists

Our support team consists of experienced consultants who have dealt professionally with the transport and logistics sector throughout their careers. That’s your guarantee of support from experts with in-depth knowledge of your world – and not merely of the techniques and technologies behind Norma LIVE and Business Central.

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D&P Solutions ApS

D&P Solutions ApS

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T: +45 8686 7010