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One of our most important tasks is to help you swiftly and efficiently, whenever and wherever you find yourself in need of support. Our hotline offers local industry knowledge supported by international technology resources, so that you – irrespective of where you might be in the world – can always count on us to understand your needs, wishes and requirements, and can always count on us to work in full compliance with local rules and regulations.

We assist you swiftly and efficiently

T: +45 8686 7010

The opening hours of our standard hotline

Monday – Thursday from 08:30 to 16:30
Friday from 08:30 to 16:00

Should you need support outside our working hours, we will be more than pleased to make a separate company agreement with you, i.e., to get 24/7/365 support.

Contact us for additional information.

D&P Solutions Hotline

We have been there, done that, and we know what works – also for you. We are ready when are where you need us


By email


By phone

because sometimes, it is easier to explain an issue over the phone (possibly with TeamViewer as back-up) rather than having to make a written description


In both Danish and English


Our IT and industry-savvy support team understands whether your issue is mission-critical and takes action accordingly

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Adapt your business for tomorrow by addressing your challenges head-on today

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D&P Solutions ApS

D&P Solutions ApS

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T: +45 8686 7010