100% focus and dedication

With D&P Solutions, you get a partner with year-long Business Central (formerly Navision/ Microsoft DynamicsNAV) expertise and understanding of best practice.

On top, you get a partner who implements Business Central in combination with Continia’s value-adding add-ons, impacting further growth through automated document handling.

Also, you get one of Denmark’s strongest transport and logistics partners and some of the IT industry’s most skilled resources within the field of IT solutions designed 100% to your industry, offering you the complete Go4TMS software solution for efficient transport management. Additionally, that same partner gets you ready for the future of artificial intelligence, providing you with solutions for real-time optimization of your entire transport planning operations through the introduction of Norma LIVE.

Who we are

The competitive landscape within transport and logistics has changed massively in recent years, and many Danish and Scandinavian transport companies also experience increasing unrest as a result of the pandemic and a world economy in turmoil.

At D&P Solutions, we would like to reflect those changes that our customers, both at home and abroad, go through by providing an organization and a delivery set-up that manages to operate cross-borders in Scandinavia, all over Europe and throughout the world.

What we do

Our field of expertise is to combine IT and business, transport and logistics, while aiming to scale our local knowledge through global expertise, benefitting you in the best way possible – regardless of where in the world you see your home market.

We are a strong, local organization on a fast track to growth, partnering with acclaimed international specialists, and purposefully managing to continuously expand our scope of activities and services – without compromising on our dedication to quality as well as to transport and logistics.

Why it matters

We lead the way for you to achieve your goals.

Some of your advantages when choosing D&P Solutions are that, through access to our skills and year-long experience, we introduce you to the combination of unique business and industry understanding and intelligent use of IT, mixed with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We make it possible for you to leverage innovative and ground-breaking technology, ensuring you live and real-time information about the status of your transports, thereby empowering both you and your company, and, most certainly, also your customers and business partners.

At D&P Solutions, we focus exclusively on transport and logistics, and our deep industry experience and expertise guarantees you top-notch business input. Working with transport and logistics is what we do. And it’s all we do. That’s where and how we differentiate ourselves in the market. Our in-depth industry know-how paves the way for dedicated business-oriented talks rather than pure IT discussions, ensuring you maximum results and fast return on investment.

Flemming Dissing, CEO

From offices in Roskilde, Denmark, D&P Solutions delivers its services

to both national and international players within transport and logistics

Experienced industry specialists in new constellation

Flemming Dissing has fronted multiple successful implementations and partnerships within the transport and logistics sector in Denmark. Years back, he established Adacta, overseeing all Danish, Baltic, and international activities, and most recently, he headed NaviTrans and its vast expansion in the Nordics.

Now, he is CEO of D&P Solutions – a new company built around the foundation of his many years of experience and expertise within Navision/ Microsoft DynamicsNAV – today Business Central – and Continia’s value-generating add-ons in one complete ERP system.

His track record speaks volumes of increasingly efficient and automated workflows, now combined with the introduction to the Danish and Scandinavian market of the complete TMS solution Go4TMS and extensive, international competencies within AI and machine learning through ground-breaking route planner and optimizer Norma LIVE.

Flemming Dissing

Flemming Dissing


D&P Solutions ApS

D&P Solutions ApS

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