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Future-proof, business-oriented technology

At D&P Solutions, we offer you the technologically most updated, and the business-wise most complete and future-proof IT solutions on the market. Combined with our unique business understanding, you get all your company functions and processes in one, integrated system through Business Central. In both appearance and structure, it is reminiscent of Microsoft Office, making it easy to learn, intuitive to use and quick to implement.

Power your productivity, cost control and financial management

Business Central allows you to turbocharge the opportunities of the future as today’s standard

Continuous business development

An efficient financial system is often equivalent to efficient processes – and vice versa. At D&P Solutions, we purposefully leverage our in-depth knowledge of Business Central (formerly Navision and Microsoft DynamicsNAV) in a way that allows us to move your business from one level to another. And we like to do it together with Continia’s value-adding add-ons, because they are among the world’s best-selling add-on solutions to Business Central.

Continuous transformation

With Business Central, we challenge you and your organization on your work processes and daily routines, so that we can transform your specific wishes into real and measurable business and competitive advantages. Our goal is to help you further develop your company through the deployment of intelligent IT solutions. Thus, we consistently start by identifying and working with your existing issues and challenges in order to best solve them.

Continuous growth

What differentiates us in the market is that we focus 100% on transport and logistics when talking technology and IT solutions, targeted artificial intelligence and business. This means that both our Danish company and our international partner network have documented, year-long experience, and that we know the requirements posed on efficient IT systems as well as on efficient work processes. In short: We know what we talk about. And even more importantly: We know what our customers talk about.

transport and logistics

Business Central and our comprehensive ERP and business understanding bring significant and tangible results, e.g.:


Increase efficiency and transparency of your financial transactions


Offer full command and control of your business


Optimize your daily operations and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty

Continia delivers world-leading add-ons to Business Central, offering you a wide range of additional advantages:


Streamline and accelerate the handling of your financial processes


Create more efficient routines through minimal manual entry


Automate all steps of your document handling, reducing errors and lowering risk

Norma LIVE

Create measurable business value with AI for live route planning and optimization


Adapt your business for tomorrow by addressing your challenges head-on today

Business Central

Leverage future-proof IT solutions and power the highest quality in delivery

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