Norma LIVE

Artificial intelligence for route planning and optimization

In just minutes, Norma LIVE creates the most efficient routes, automizing and structuring, optimizing all your processes and transports live. It’s a real-time, dynamic routing solution, enabling you to put your entire express transport planning operations on auto pilot. It offers mission-critical, full visibility and transparency, minimizing logistics costs and maximizing fleet productivity.

Create efficient transportation plans and accelerate your company growth

Norma LIVE allows you to achieve more with less today – and be fully prepared for the future

The advantages of a dedicated AI solution are many

Among them are that you – thanks to KPIs and flexible reporting tools – have all the accurate and necessary information at hand to build your entire scope and business decisions on facts. It’s a solution designed to help you achieve more with less. It will up your overall performance, unlock significant value and improve your way of handling day-to-day operations, while sharing relevant information with your customers and partners live and in real-time, gaining a clear competitive edge in the marketplace.

We lead the way


to command and control, streamline, and optimize your routes


to create the optimal and most efficient transportation plans in no time – in real-time


to leverage your total pool of resources more efficiently


to reduce actual driving time, cut back on fuel costs, and achieve lower CO2 emissions


to meet and exceed the needs of your customers in a both flexible and swift manner


to enhance your overall service level and customer satisfaction by offering full transparency and visibility throughout your entire planning and operations chain


customers across the globe


vehicles managed


years of experience with IT

Reduces the number of used vehicles
by up to


Reduces the number of kilometres driven 
by up to


Reduces the actual driving time
by up to


Norma LIVE

Create measurable business value with AI for live route planning and optimization


Adapt your business for tomorrow by addressing your challenges head-on today

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